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As well as being practical, decking looks great and can really add the "wow" factor to your backyard design. It comes in a range of timbers including Merbau, Spotted gum, Jarrah and Blackbutt. Modwood is another great alternative. It is a composite product made essentially from a mixture of ground sustainable wood waste and plastic. Its big advantage is that it never needs to be oiled.  Whilst you can use nails and nailgun to fix your decking boards to the joists, we only use screws (stainless steel or galvanized). Screws are far more durable and wont see your decking boards starting to lift in a few years time. If you don't like the look of screws or nails in your decking then concealed clips (hidden fasteners) can be used instead for an extra cost.

Decking Brighton
Box Seat, Deck, Screen, Merbau
Decking and Artificial Grass
Merbau Decking Parkdale
Modwood Deck
Merbau decking Parkdale
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