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Rigid Paving

Rigid paving is the strongest form of paving. It is  generally layed on a 20mm bed of mortar on top of a re - inforced concrete base. Pavers are layed with small gaps which are then grouted and thoroughly sponged. Rigid paving will last forever and as all the gaps are grouted you won't get weeds coming up through the pavers

Full Landscaping Brighton
Crazy Paving Beaumaris
Honed Sandstone Around Pool
Crazy Paving
Riverstone Paving with Landscaping
Bluestone Paving
Artificial Grass and Paving Carnegie
Sandstone Parkdale
Artificial Grass Melbourne
Granite Paving Highett
Travertine Wall Cladding And Paving
Bluestone Crazy Paving
Clay Pavers on Mortar
French Pattern Travertine Paving
Adbri Pavers, Walls and Steps
Marble Paving and Bamboo Screens
Travertine paving
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